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Purpose. Passion. Performance.

Physical, mental, emotional fitness.

Learning. Leading. Doing.

These are all things I like to write about and reflect upon after spending my first career (well, 13 years) in the Navy and beginning my second as a team member at the McChrystal Group.

I’m an avid learner—sometimes obsessively so as my wife will attest—and I believe in constant and never-ending improvement. Performance—sustained superior performance—is something that I believe must be constantly practiced, cultivated, and developed in order to avoid the status quo. Consistency and a refusal to accept “what is” are what tack on that little bit of extra- onto the –ordinary.

Boss Blog | Thought Fuel for Thought Leaders is a personal weblog of experiences, ideas, lessons learned, and just good ol’ fuel for thought; fuel that, I hope, provides something positive to learn from.

People and relationships make the world go around. A fit employee—physically, mentally, emotionally—is a valuable asset but requires constant cultivation. One must be able to consistently put one foot in front of the other while walking into the unknown because that’s where personal discovery lies.

At the same time, a fit team–or workforce of employees–is a whole other ballgame. When diverse groups of people with divergent interests share the same purpose, same passion, and same understanding of where they want to go as a team, company or organization, they create what’s known as organizational fitness, and as a result they tack on that little bit of extra- onto what would otherwise be known as -ordinary.

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