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Managing The Mental Game

How To Think More Effectively, Navigate Uncertainty, And Build Mental Fortitude

This book is PACKED with practical exercises you won't find anywhere else. For the price of two cups of coffee, you'll learn exactly what it takes to build the mental fortitude you need to adapt to change.

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Here's What You Get

Jeff’s unique WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) style of writing makes the science of mental toughness easy to read and relatable.

With a client list that ranges from high potentials to top executives, Jeff demonstrates how to pave the way for breakthrough potential by sharing over 23 mental exercises for dealing with overwhelm.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

1. Why understanding the mind is the smartest thing you can do 

2. Learn the 4 Mental Traps and How To Avoid Them

3. The 3 types of focus and why mastering them is fundamental to success

4. Learn how to deal with uncertainty and not be stymied by fear

5. Learn the 3 pitfalls of uncertainty so you can anticipate and avoid them

6. The truth about managing uncertainty

7. Learn the neuroscience of change

8. Become proficient in replacing negative thoughts with positive ones

9. Create more productive thinking habits by understanding thought architecture

10. 23 exercises for dealing with overwhelming pressure

11. Learn the most effective path to building mental fortitude

This book is powerful—but only to the degree that you're willing to proactively put forth the focus to be the person you want to be.

The lessons and techniques presented in this book are essential reading for anyone seeking greater success and peak performance, whether it be on the playing field, in business, or life in general.

Whatever your personal endeavor may be, whatever challenge you may be facing, these lessons will prepare you to move forward and excel.

Reach new levels of personal success and performance as you learn, practice, and apply these powerful concepts and proven techniques.

Praise For
Managing The Mental Game

"This book was a recommended read. I'm very happy to have read it. There are some great life tools presented in an easy to understand method."

Amazon Reader

"This book gives you practical tools how to focus your mind and become more mindful. It allows you to look and execute your goals with laser focus. Highly recommend this book."

Monique Paulk
Amazon Reader

"Jeff Boss knows his business and certainly knows how to explain it to the readers. He shows the reader, in clear terms how to deal with uncertainties life throws at you daily. Both his books are amazing."

Scott Giacoppo
Amazon Reader

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