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This book is the result of one long stream of consciousness that shares with you the mindsets, the behaviors and the practices that will help you feel more confident about navigating change, uncertainty, and chaos.

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Praise For
Navigating Chaos

"Navigating Chaos is one of the best leadership books you are ever going to read.   Told with wit, charm, and intelligence  - it is a must for every businessperson serious about success. Mix Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War with Covey’s The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People and you only begin to scratch the surface of Boss’s engaging and exceedingly well-written Navigating Chaos. Boss went to hell and back to procure the leadership insights contained within Navigating Chaos.  What he delivers is beyond anything you will read this year!"

Brad Thor
#1 New York Times bestselling author of Code Of Conduct

"Jeff Boss is a shining example of the power of quiet leadership. The perseverance, humility, and team-first attitude that allowed him to excel as a Navy SEAL are directly applicable to all leaders."

Susan Cain
New York Times bestselling author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

"In the field of medicine there are striking analogies to the battlefield.  There is a background of intensive training, a required focus replete with adrenalin rushes, peaks and troughs of triumph and failure, and challenges and obstacles that demand the greatest need for keen intelligence and technology to fight and or prevent disease. Leaders must exhibit skills of adaptability, tenacity, stamina and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness with resilience and courage--yes, courage!  Opening the door to an exam room, or operating theatre, the physician/ surgeon doesn't always know what she or he might be facing. The "bad guys" can be elusive and strike no less vigorously than a devastating terror attack at any time! Jeff Boss's book " Navigating Chaos" is acutely applicable to doctors and surgeons as they learn to navigate the new and ever changing rules on the health care landscape."

Gwen H. Haas, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.
Chair, Department of Family Medicine Lake Health, Ohio

"Your book has already become a life companion. Your courageous work reminds me of the mission of Plato: helping souls to be born to a higher life."

Inês Ferreira Pinto
Educator, Portugal

"I have been reading your book, Navigating Chaos, and I wanted you to know that it is becoming a dog eared, almost unreadable book. I keep going back to passages that I have highlighted and re-reading pages or paragraphs. Applying what is in your book to the events in my personal and professional life is almost a daily habit for me now."

Homeland Security


Get Out Of Your Own Way

In this concise guide to mental management, executive leadership and team coach and former Navy SEAL, Jeff Boss, teaches a blend of unique mental training methodologies that will enhance your self-belief, self-confidence, and mental fortitude to help you reach new levels of success no matter what your profession is.

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Praise For
Managing The Mental Game

"I have just finished reading "Navigating Chaos" and I must say that it was well worth its time!

I found it extremely helpful at times when I really need it and I believe it will serve me way beyond that. Through it I could feel author's love for his profession and his passion for it, and I felt inspired and motivated to go for the things that are connected to my values and purpose in life.

I think that what resonated with me the most were his vivid descriptions of his missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the leadership lessons he took from those experiences. I truly believe that such situations are probably the best test for someone's passion and values towards the work. And I would underline passion and values, because as he says in the book, both go hand in hand. This is what struck me the most.

I think that everything else builds on this, such as teamwork and performance. If one is really pursuing the true passion, then everything else would come easier, rather than the opposite way. The bad news is that most of us are still searching for our true passion, or maybe sometimes we are not brave enough to go for it. However this book might serve us as a wake-up call.

Why? His thoughts on teamwork and improvement made me feel that I already know this in theory, but doing it in practice comes a little bit harder.

Then it came the part of passion, purpose and values (accompanied by his experiences) and this is where I understood why putting things in practice is not as easy as it seems to be.

Hopefully, this book will serve as food for thought and will provide answers for everyone who is feeling stuck in a way both personally or professionally!"

Amazon Reader
"On my favorites list!"

"Jeff Boss's years spent as a Navy SEAL and the experiences learned are shared here in this book, not as a do this, do that narrative but more of conversational style. For many of us, it's challenging enough just getting through the day at work, let alone managing all else one has to do. Unlikely as it may seem for some who have no military experience or know someone who is or has served, for those who wear or have worn the uniform it's an everyday thing. Jeff doesn't make the reader feel inferior - just tells it like he saw it and offers us lessons learned. A great read."

Mark Stuart
"A primer on adaptability from someone who has real, practical experience - this book is not just for leaders but everyone."

"I couldn’t put this book down! Through his writing Jeff is able to reach and talk to an audience and help them in a way that very few can. There is no bravado in the book and you can feel his desire to simply help people through sharing the lessons he learned through his travels in the Special Operations community. His stories are on point, his writing is amazing, and the principles discussed are relevant to any professional and most organizations."

"Just Buy It."


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