Leadership & Team Coaching

You can't handle everything yourself. 

Believe me, I've tried.

The one-person army approach doesn't work.

You'll find yourself emotionally tired, overwhelmed and distracted because "everything" is important and when you try to focus on everything, you really focus on nothing.

Don't go it alone.

The smartest and most effective people and teams have somebody to challenge their thinking, hold them accountable and push them to do better by being better--and being better together.

Let's schedule a free consult today to see how we can BOTH help you achieve your goals.


You’re the new leader of a team and know that tapping into your team’s potential is the missing ingredient to producing real results, but you don’t know where to start, right?

It’s time to get clear on how to lead with clarity and confidence and unlock the true potential of your team.

I can show you how!


Want to hear a typical conversation I have? I’ll take that as a “yes.”

Them: “So Jeff, what is it you do?”

Me: “Let me ask you this. Are you part of a team at your workplace, like a marketing team, a project team, or an executive team?”

Them: “Yes.”

Me: “Is it really a team, or would you consider it to be more of a group?”

Them: “What’s the difference?”

Me: “Exactly.”


The fact is, teams and groups are not the same, yet collective capacity is how work gets done. Business is about relationships and those relationships are clustered through work groups and teams.


A Simple 3-Step Process


Let's understand what "success" looks like for you, your team, and your company.


No more "teambuilding" offsites that don't work. I help you make real-time corrections that create real-time improvements. 

Carry Forward

My goal is to equip you and your team with the tools you need to self-coach and self-sustain indefinitely.

"I have had plenty of coaches in my life but Jeff is the first one who balances asking questions with simply telling you the truth. Sometimes you need to find your way and sometimes you need a kick in the arse; Jeff can do both. His active listening and empathy never come across as contrived or conflicted. I have reached new heights in my life, personally and professionally, I like to think a good part of that success is due to Jeff Boss."

Rich B.
Principal, Private Equity

"I have never met a coach as extraordinarily gifted as Jeff. Seeing his ability to massively motivate, inspire and improve the focus of both individuals and teams is simply fascinating to me. Jeff is a brilliant communicator with a wicked sense of humour, who easily creates a safe environment to help people and teams to develop self awareness, disrupt complacency and become better versions of themselves.

Personally, I have been captivated by his magnetic skills, in teaching me how to find clarity in my goals, how to better align focus with my purpose and how to make more effective decisions. The knock on effects of these improvements have produced incredible results and cannot be understated in both my business and personal life. Without doubt I would recommend Jeff as a coach, a motivational speaker and an inspiring writer. And I’d consider it a true pleasure to work closely with him again."

Darcey Croft
CEO & Founder, Barenaturals



Not to sound arrogant, but let's face it. Can you think of somebody more qualified to help you tackle tough challenges, think more effectively and navigate the challenges associated with leadership and teamwork than a former Navy SEAL?

"Jeff challenges you to answer tough questions”. This self-reflection has been an important exercise to guide me towards a path, which represents the values I would like to display as a manager. It has been great working with Jeff and I would recommend him as a personal development coach and mentor."

Stavros, P.
Post Conflict Reconstruction Specialist

Today's Landscape

“The importance of work teams appears to be gaining in strength as jobs get bigger, organizational structures get more complex, and more and more companies become multinational in scope. In today’s corporate environment, it appears the team – not the individual – holds the key to business success.”

– The Korn/Ferry Institute

But Here’s The Problem…

There’s no pipeline to inform employees as to what strong teams should look like. 

Ninety-nine percent of the time an employee’s definition of a team and his or her understanding of how teams work is learned through second-hand experience such as a manager, a supervisor, a colleague--all of whom may know how teams should work. But then again, maybe not. 

Team performance shouldn't be haphazard.

Team performance drives business performance.


"Jeff is a true professional and deeply cares about having a positive impact on his client base. As a former Navy SEAL Jeff has specialized knowledge that make him uniquely qualified to coach high performance behavior.

In today’s uncertain economic climate, the ability to adapt and embrace change helps to maintain a competitive advantage – and adaptability is something that Jeff teaches quite well.

Probably one of the most important attributes that Jeff brings to the table is the experience that he gained while serving our country. He overcame some extraordinarily difficult circumstances that make him well suited to coach high performance into all levels of an organization.

Most importantly Jeff has the interpersonal skills that you look for in a leader. They can’t be taught, and are something that come along once or twice in one’s career. Jeff is truly “one of a kind” and I highly recommend him to any organization looking to develop their decision makers into more impactful leaders."

Brent Hess
Senior Vice President

"Selecting the right business coach can be a daunting task to say the least. The key attributes I was looking for in my selection process were primarily built around establishing: trust, relevance and direct impact. After a one hour consultation with Jeff, it was very clear that all three boxes were checked.

Jeff brings a unique approach to business coaching that ties back into his time as an elite operator in the NSWDG. Weekly learnings/teachings are further supplemented by his regular articles found in reputable sources such as Forbes and Entrepreneur.

By using very simplistic, but powerful methods to both clear obstacles and overcome business challenges, Jeff has assisted both me and my team in making immediate long term course corrections."

Rob Keller
Former Director, Time Warner


It’s easy to assemble a group.

It’s not easy to turn that group into a team.

Groups don’t become teams by chance.

They become teams through intention and deliberate effort.

Many teams fail because...

Employees aren’t prepared to transition from individual contributor to team member.

My Approach

Teams don’t operate by themselves but rather with and across other teams. I take a systems approach to team development by considering the internal and external systems, dynamics, and context that influence and shape the team (and alternatively, how the team influences and shapes them).

Training and Certifications

Aside from the whole “SEAL thing,” I hold a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from THE Ohio State University (not to be confused with Ohio State University, of course) and a Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership from Norwich University. I also hold certificates in:

  • Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance, George Mason University
  • International Coaching Federation (ACC)
  • EQi 2.0
  • Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory
  • Adaptability Metric (co-founded)


I’ve worked across numerous industries, such as:

  • Telecommunications
  • Finance
  • Oil & Gas
  • Healthcare
  • Startups
  • Tech
  • Agriculture
  • Consumer Products

Across them all, there was one challenge that remained constant:

How individual contributors can work together toward a common goal.

Let me show you how.

Let's Talk!





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