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The Next Level Leadership Coaching Group

For New Managers

With Jeff Boss


A three-month online group designed to elevate your leadership impact to the next level.

Begins April 2018

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"Jeff is a true professional and deeply cares about having a positive impact on his client base. As a former Navy SEAL Jeff has specialized knowledge that make him uniquely qualified to coach high performance behavior.

In today’s uncertain economic climate, the ability to adapt and embrace change helps to maintain a competitive advantage – and adaptability is something that Jeff teaches quite well.

Probably one of the most important attributes that Jeff brings to the table is the experience that he gained while serving our country. He overcame some extraordinarily difficult circumstances that make him well suited to coach high performance into all levels of an organization.

Most importantly, Jeff has the interpersonal skills that you look for in a leader. They can’t be taught, and are something that come along once or twice in one’s career. Jeff is truly “one of a kind” and I highly recommend him to any organization looking to develop their decision makers into more impactful leaders."

Brent Hess
Senior Vice President

This Group Is For:

  • New managers 
  • New startup founders 
  • New team leaders 

Who Want To:

  • Make the "jump" from technical expertise to leading and managing groups of people
  • Gain practical leadership insight from others "in the trenches"
  • Hold themselves accountable for their leadership development in an informal setting
  • Expose themselves to different perspectives that they wouldn't others get
  • Shift their mindset from tactical to strategic but don't know how
  • Guided facilitation and coaching where we tackle YOUR greatest challenges and do so through the lens of special operations
  • Have a tangible roadmap for their leadership development rather than leaving it up to "hope"

What This Group Is Not:

  • A online information dump where I talk and you listen

Program Overview

  • Starts April 2018 and runs through June 2018
  • There are (3) video calls per month
  • Each video call lasts1.5-2 hrs
  • Groups are small and informal— 7 per group
  • Each meeting is facilitated by Jeff

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