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The Power Of Credo

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Belief is a powerful weapon.

It’s fostered in every choice you make and every subsequent action you take — and don’t.

Belief can be your best friend or it can be your worst enemy. It can blaze a personal trail that leads to nowhere because you don’t believe you’re the type of person or team who’s capable of success, or, it can be your best friend that confirms what you already know, so all you have to do is pursue it.

If you want a compelling example of the power of belief, look at Superbowl LI (which stands for 51 by the way — I had to consult the oracle known as Google for that) between Tampa Bay and New England.

Tampa Bay was leading 21–3 at halftime — a complete blowout and a soon-to-be Superbowl loss for the Patriots by anyone’s standards.

That is, only if you didn’t believe the Patriots could bounce back from such a deficit. You know what? That’s not what Tom Brady believed.

Brady believed in two things:

  1. That he was the type of leader capable of bouncing back from a setback — and winning.
  2. That his team was the type of team capable of bouncing back from a setback — and winning.

What happened? The Patriots came back and won.

Your Credo Leads You

credo |ˈkrēdōˈkrādō| noun (plural credos) a statement of the beliefs or aims that guide someone’s actions.

A credo is a statement of belief.

Think of a credo as a compass that guides you in the right direction because it points in only one direction: True North.

A credo is a behavior blueprint that reminds you of how you should behave and what decisions you should make when the going gets tough.

Marines have a credo…


SEALs have a credo…

Admiral Stockdale had a credo during his internment as a POW in Vietnam.

It’s easy to get off course when things go awry; when things don’t go just the way you wanted or expected them to go.

And that’s the importance of having a personal leadership credo — to guideyou along the path of right and stay the course.

“Circumstance doesn’t make the man [or woman], it reveals him.”
—  James Allen

When A Credo Counts

In a world of competing perspectives, every person represents something distinct — a distinction born out of values and conveyed through actions.

If you’re not careful, the push and pull of others’ opinions, motives and daily urgencies can impede your ability and willingness to listen to the voice inside — your true path.

Over time, your choices start to drift away from what we know and believe to be right — right for us and right for others.

By writing a personal credo, you’re forced to clarify your beliefs in the context of your own life.

Clarity creates meaning and provides guidance that acts as a compass in a ridiculously noisy world, and helps you align your actions with your beliefs.

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