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#96 Interview with CEO and Author Craig Ross of Verus Global on How Your Team Can Do Big Things

Today's interview is with Craig Ross, CEO of Verus Global, a coaching and consulting firm that designs and delivers lasting solutions that transform leaders and teams so they can have an immediate and meaningful impact at work and where it matters most, as well as author of the newly published book, Do Big Things: The Simple Steps Teams Can Take to Mobilize Hearts and Minds, and Make an Epic Impact .

If you work in or with a team, this episode is for you! (And I'm going to apologize ahead of time for the audio from my side) 

Specifically, Craig shares:

  • Why doing big things requires a shift away from "transactions" 2:00
  • 3 Questions every new manager or leader of a team should be able to answer 3:43
  • The beginning process Craig uses to help teams set the conditions to do big things 5:55
  • The "purpose disconnect" 7:49
  • Why candor is the answer 16:29
  • The 3 types of teams that approach Verus Global 18:17
  • Matrixed teams 22:02
  • Next steps 26:00
  • Heroes 27:00


"There are conditions--there's a formula in terms of thinking and actions--that are necessary for teams to do big things." (Click to tweet)


"Teams don't fail because they lack talent or time. They fail because they don't utilize the talent or use the time they have."



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