#39 7 Year NFL Player And Superbowl Champion Ryan Nece On Mindset, Vulnerability, & Failure

Ryan Nece played for seven years in the NFL as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer and as a Detroit Lion. He’s a Superbowl champion (XXXVII), founder, entrepreneur and leader in everything he does, but that’s not why today’s episode is worthwhile.

What makes today’s interview with Ryan so valuable are the life lessons he shares from growing up, playing on the football field and today’s business landscape that translate seamlessly into every aspect of life. Ryan is an inspiring, humble guy, and you’ll like what he has to say in today’s interview.

  • Listen how Ryan’s upbringing shaped his perspective
  • Learn the most important question Ryan’s learned to ask
  • The one lesson Ryan would teach if he had to choose just one
  • Ryan view on leadership
  • Leadership in the tech space
  • A powerful philosophy to which Ryan has always subscribed
  • Distinguishing leadership characteristics that stick out for Ryan
  • Strategies to reframe chaos into opportunity

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