Are You Getting BETTER
Or Are You Getting By?

I help leaders start off “right” by translating my 13-year career as a Navy SEAL to business teams

where leadership, communication, teamwork, and decision-making are equally defining to one’s competitive advantage.

Let me show you how.

Let’s be honest....

Everybody wants to get better at work and at life, but not everybody does.

The truth is, change is constant but progress isn’t. If you are serious about finding clarity on the matters that truly matter so you can stop wasting time and mindshare on the matters that don’t, you need to think differently.

Thirteen-year former Navy SEAL and author Jeff Boss has a three-step process to help you get clear, get momentum, and get moving in the right direction to achieve your most important goals.

Think different. Be different. Get better.

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Team Development

Looking for a speaker who can educate AND entertain?

Jeff shares stories that inspire, motivate, and relate to the complex business landscape of today.

Leadership Development

Leading others begins with leading oneself.

You can’t lead others effectively until you know how to lead yourself effectively.


Looking for a speaker who can educate AND entertain?

Jeff shares stories that inspire, motivate, and relate to the complex business landscape of today.


Learn How Individuals, Teams & Companies Navigate Change, Uncertainty and Chaos – And Win

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